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This platform is a unique and single global community for the Cape Town city fans and people wishing to visit this beautiful and great coastal city !

This site englobes the Cape Town interested community worldwide. As an independent community platform, we love the multicultural aspects of this south-african city, its local people and culture. We wish to promote the “Cape Town spirit” throughout the world and invite our online visitors to travel and visit this exciting city.

In our site, you can exchange your personal ideas in our free forum and chat or post upcoming sports and other events for our worldwide public. Discuss and share your travel experiences around Cape Town.

We have even set up a “vacation package” section where business owners can publish their vacation packages and ideas for potential interested customers. Much more is to come!

We would love to hear from you and are always open for new exciting ideas around Cape Town!

Please feel free to join this community, the stage is yours !

The global Cape Town community

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